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Manage Your Membership

AAA makes it easier to manage your membership by giving you access to all of your membership benefits and your membership and logins. Find out how to upgrade your membership to more robust membership types as well as access to other AAA membership benefits.


Renew My AAA Membership
Save time – renew your AAA membership online. Please note: if you need to reactivate your membership, please call (952) 927-2567.

Add An Associate
Protect your family with AAA benefits. Eligible associates include the spouse/partner of the primary member, dependent unmarried children (through age 25) who reside in the household or are away at school, or extended family members who reside in the same household.

Upgrade My Membership
Upgrade your membership for extended towing and additional member benefits.

Update My Membership Information
Update your membership address, phone number and email address.

Sign up for Automatic Renewal
Put your membership on cruise control and say goodbye to the hassle of mailing in your renewal payments. Sign up for automatic renewal today. Call (952) 927-2567, or enroll online when you make your renewal payment.

Manage My Online Account
Update or modify your online account, change your password, or elect to receive special AAA e-mails.

To access your membership, please enter your membership number below using your membership card or your membership statement:


  • When using your membership card – enter the full 16 digits from the front of the card

  • When using your membership statement – insert the 7-digit membership number in place of the X’s in the example provided (429057xxxxxxx000)