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Community Snapshots

The Fasten & Focus campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers and serious consequences of distracted driving and is devoted to providing education and resources that will help every driver understand the importance of focusing on driving, and only driving, every time they get behind the wheel. We collaborate with local schools, law enforcement, and local partners to creatively engage drivers and promote distraction free driving. Below is a few examples of how we are active in your community.




Edina Safe Driving Rodeo – May 12, 2015

This event is coordinated by the Edina Police Department. They provide students at Edina High School with an opportunity to learn about the consequences of distracted and impaired driving, while also simulating the affects through a golf cart rodeo. AAA Minneapolis provided our Driving Simulator and tested the students’ knowledge of Minnesota  driving laws.





Academy of Holy Angels Safe Driving Event – May 2014

AAA Minneapolis partnered with Academy of Holy Angels SADD chapter to put on a day long safe driving campaign. AAA Minneapolis Driving School Instructor, Matt Mosley, spoke to the school about the dangers of distracted driving. Throughout the day juniors and seniors were able to participate in the trying the driving simulator and other traffic safety activities.





Southwest High School Activity Fair – September 2013

AAA Minneapolis participated in the student activity fair and gave students the opportunity to learn about the dangers of distracted driving by using our simulator. We also talked about bike safety to the large number of students who decide to bike to school every day.