Emergency Roadside Services Reimbursement - AAA Minneapolis

ERS Reimbursement Form

If you are unable to obtain help from a AAA service center, you may call any nearby service center. Pay for the service, obtain an itemized receipt with your name on the service center’s imprinted invoice and apply for reimbursement within 30 days by sending the following to AAA:

1. The original receipt(s)

2. A completed Emergency Road Service Reimbursement Form or a short note of explanation detailing the circumstances surrounding the use of a non-AAA facility

3. Your name, address, phone number and membership number

Please mail these materials to:

AAA Minneapolis
ATTN: ERS Refunds
5400 Auto Club Way
Minneapolis, MN 55416-2576

AAA may adjust or deny reimbursement for service provided by individuals or companies not normally engaged in providing Emergency Road Service.