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No one is ever really prepared for a vehicle breakdown. However, as a AAA member, you now have access to a groundbreaking solution when a problem calls for fast and trustworthy auto repair – AAA Total Repair Care.

When you have AAA deliver your vehicle to a AAA Total Repair Care shop, you will receive exclusive member benefits:

  • Your vehicle’s problem will be assessed and/or repaired within 60 minutes of arrival at the AAA Total Repair Care facility. If the work cannot be completed in one hour, you will receive a written estimate of the time and cost to perform additional diagnostics (if necessary).
  • The AAA Total Repair Care facility will assist you in obtaining alternate transportation. This could be a shuttle service, a loaner car or help in arranging for a taxi or rental vehicle.
  • When the work is done and it’s time to pay the bill, the AAA Total Repair Care facility will reduce the cost by giving you AAA Rewards and Discounts savings on the repairs performed.

AAA Total Repair Care facilities can be found throughout AAA’s network of 8,000 certified repair shops that spans North America. The next time your vehicle needs a tow, and the AAA call counselor suggests a AAA Total Repair Care facility, accepting that recommendation will save you time, trouble and money.

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