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Teen Driver Education

Teen Drivers face a lot of challenges behind the wheel

AAA Minneapolis is committed to developing low risk and skillful drivers. Our driver education program offers curriculum that includes engaging sessions, active learning and impactful discussions led by our experienced instructors; we provide a foundation that helps mold your teen into a low risk driver.

Learning to drive is one the of the most significant steps in your child’s progression to adulthood, so as you’re looking for the Driver Education program that best fits your needs, look no further than the company that invented driver training in 1935. If you’re interested in learning more about our comprehensive program, viewing our facilities, meeting our instructors or enrolling, please contact us (952) 927- 2602 or email us at drivingschool@aaaminneapolis.com.


AAA Novice Driving School – Minneapolis
AAA provides a variety of teen driver safety resources, including tools to help parents and teens navigate the learning-to-drive process

Parent Resources

Parents play a critical role in enforcing traffic safety laws and serving as good role models for their children. Learn more about the AAA resources that help parents address these responsibilities and clearly define expectations to minimize risk

Driver Education Programs

Learning to successfully navigate the roadways is like building a house: You need knowledge, skills and plans. Quality driving instruction provides the foundation new drivers need for safe driving.