Winter Biking and Walking

Take extra precautions while traveling in the winter.
Meredith Terpstra

Many Minnesotans ride their bikes or walk to their destination regardless of outside temperatures and conditions. With fewer hours of daylight, piles of snow and the potential for ice, bicyclists, pedestrians and motor-vehicle drivers alike need to be extra vigilant along our roadways.

Everyone risks slipping on ice

Whether on foot or wheels, give yourself more time to stop, turn or approach a corner, so you don’t slip into oncoming traffic or other bicyclists and pedestrians around you.

It’s hard to see people and traffic around parked cars and snow mounds

Pay extra attention when scanning for traffic, pedestrians or bicyclists. Similarly, if you’re coming from behind a snow mound or a parked car, proceed with caution, allowing ample time for others to see you.

It’s darker during commuting periods, due to cloud coverage and shorter daylight hours

Make sure your headlights are on anytime it’s questionably dark. If you’re not in a vehicle, make sure to wear brightly colored, reflective material and an attached light when traveling.

Be smart. Be safe. Be seen. For more information on winter driving visit