5 Reasons You Need to Talk to a Travel Advisor in 2021

Raya Garrison

Traveling in 2021 is more confusing than ever before, between the latest requirements, documents, restrictions, cancellations and regulations constantly changing, and safety still being a top priority, there are so many unknowns. You need someone in your corner who is up-to-date on all of the latest policies and requirements, has traveled in 2021, can handle re-booking or cancelling trips, knows the safest airlines and hotels, and can get you the best travel deals- all at no extra cost to you. 

1. Free planning, no-obligation. Meeting with a AAA Travel Advisor is always free and there is never an obligation to book with them.

2. Insider's perspective. Travel Advisors don’t just know all about travel, they are travelers themselves and have the inside information on what it's like to travel in 2021.

3. Experts. Planning a trip right now requires more planning and knowledge than ever before. You need someone who knows all of the policies, restrictions, safety precautions, regulations, required documents, and the latest updates with things changing so frequently.

4. Travel deals. If you’re interested in planning for the future rather than right now, AAA Travel Advisors can help you book with confidence now by taking advantage of the current great deals and flexible cancellation policies, to make sure you aren’t scrambling to cancel or re-book.

5. Have your back. AAA Travel Advisors will ensure you arrive to and from your destination safely. When the world came to a screeching halt last March, they jumped on the phone to make sure any of their clients that were traveling abroad or away from home were able to make it home quickly and safely.

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