Five Tips for Protecting Your Summer Toys


Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to get your summer toys out of storage and have some fun! Whether you’re racing across the bay on your jet ski, off-roading with your ATV or spending leisurely afternoons kayaking on a lake, make sure you are properly protected. Check out these tips to get you started.

Summer Toys Preparation Checklist

  • Make sure they’re in good shape. Keep in mind that equipment failure might not just compromise your fun, it can place you in a dangerous or even fatal situation. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, in 2016, there were 721 total casualties and 46 deaths among people operating personal watercraft or jet skis—and machine failure was one of the main causes of the accidents. That’s why, if everything has been in storage all winter, it’s critical to have them serviced before use. It’s also a good idea to perform regular maintenance throughout the summer to ensure they’re in top shape.
  • Transport them safely. Only use equipment such as a flatbed, pickup truck, trailer or a roof rack to transport your items. Make sure they’re secured tightly with straps and don’t obscure your rear view of the road. If you’re traveling a long distance and you’re transporting something with an engine, remember to drain the fuel tank first.
  • Store them securely. When you aren’t using your summer toys, it’s advisable to store them in a secured area, preferably in your garage or shed. However, if this isn’t possible, there are other options. As The Watercraft Journal advises, if you have your equipment sitting on a trailer in your driveway, you can use a trailer coupler lock that makes it impossible to couple the trailer to a hitch. You can also attach a wheel lock or wheel chock lock that prevents the wheels of the trailer from moving. In addition, you can store your items in storage facility or at a nearby marina.
  • Don’t let inexperienced people use them. Inexperienced users can accidentally damage your toys or even hurt themselves. It’s best to only allow experienced operators to use your equipment.
  • Get the right insurance. Don’t forget to speak to your insurance agent to ensure you have the proper coverage.

With these pointers in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer and get back to having fun in the great outdoors. Just remember that by keeping your toys in good shape, securing them when not in use and having sufficient insurance, you’ll go a long way to ensuring that your fun lasts the entire season.