Mural Tour of the Twin Cities

Explore the artwork in your own city
Raya Garrison

There is nothing more magical than taking in the art of your own city within its own natural habitat. A city mural tour accomplishes exactly that. A mural tour is a socially distant-friendly activity that you can do in the summer, fall, winter or spring, though a warmer/non-snowstorm day would be preferable.

There are no set rules for embarking on your own mural tour, it simply involves driving around the Twin Cities to take in all the impressive artwork created by both local and global artists. You are encouraged to take selfies and photos to document your adventure, and we do recommend creating a list in advance and mapping it out in order; you may even come across several bonus ones along the way!

Below we’ve highlighted just a few of our favorites from our own mural tour to help inspire your own route. Hopefully, you leave it with a new perspective and appreciation for our beautiful Twin Cities.

Greetings from Minnesota Mural
Greetings from Minnesota, 515 1st Avenue, NE Minneapolis

We Minnesotans are very proud of being Minnesotan, so why not celebrate it with a mural?

Bob Dylan Mural in Minnesota
These Times They Are A-Changin, corner of 5th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis

The famous musician with Minnesota roots is featured in one of the most visually stunning murals our state has to offer (with a timely name) created by world-renowned Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra.

Prince Mural in Minnesota
26th Street & Hennepin Avenue in Uptown, Minneapolis

When it comes to Minnesota and music, you simply can’t forget Prince. There are several Prince murals located throughout the city, this one was created as a gift to the city after his passing.

Women in Social Justice Mural in North Minneapolis
Located on Plymouth Avenue in north Minneapolis, between Penn and Newton Avenues

In the wake of the death of George Floyd there has been an influx of beautiful murals advocating for racial justice throughout the Twin Cities. One of the most powerful is actually located on the street.

Pabst Blue Ribbon with Squirrels Mural in Minnesota
Canoeing Squirrels in a PBR Can, 1029 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis

Because what could be more Minnesotan than two squirrels canoeing in a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon?

I Like You Mural in Minnesota
I like you, 501 1st Ave NE Minneapolis

An ode to the store that it is featured on, I Like You is a fun local spot to take a picture of with your significant other, best friend, favorite sibling, or your mom. Bonus: stop in the store afterward for some fun shopping.

Mosaic Mural in Minnesota
A New Day, 2551 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis

Located on the side of Eastside Food Co-Op, this mosaic mural was created by the COMPAS ArtsWork program that hires youth ages 14-21 to apprentice with professional Twin Cities artists.

Share Your Favorites

We did not have space to include all of the amazing artwork throughout the Twin Cities, so please share some of your favorites with And for more ideas and inspiration, visit the following pages:

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