CLEAR Security Screening

CLEAR uses biometric technology to reduce lines and stress at the airport.
Jesse Simon

Does this situation sound familiar? You arrive at the airport in time for your scheduled flight, only to discover the line to enter the security screening area is longer than you expected. You stand nervously at the end of the line, clinging to your luggage and boarding pass, hoping to make it through security and to your gate in time. This scenario is anxiety-inducing and can happen anytime and anywhere, for frequent and occasional travelers alike. Luckily, a high-tech solution called CLEAR® can help you get to the security screening faster and with less stress.

How CLEAR Security Screening Works

CLEAR offers expedited access to the airport security screening process through the use of biometric technology. Instead of using traditional ID documents like a driver’s license or passport, CLEAR uses fingerprints and eye scanning to identify the traveler.

When you use CLEAR at a participating airport, you scan your boarding pass and confirm your identity with the biometric scanner, and then get escorted to the security screening. This allows you to bypass the standard pre-screening line. Keep in mind that travelers who use CLEAR are still required to go through the regular TSA security screening process.

The Future Is Here

For many people, the idea of using a biometric identifier seems like science fiction, and for a good reason. This type of technology has been featured in popular sci-fi movies like “2001: A Space Odyssey,” "Blade Runner,” “RoboCop” and “Minority Report.”

Biometric identification—in the movies and real-life—works because individuals have unique physical identifiers, including fingerprints, irises, and faces. CLEAR uses a patented enrollment process that connects the identity of a traveler to their unique biometric identifier, so the traveler no longer requires a physical form of identification to enter the TSA screening area.

How to Sign Up for CLEAR Security Screening

To sign up, visit and then finish the enrollment at any CLEAR location. CLEAR is available at most major airports throughout the U.S., including the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Terminal 1. CLEAR kiosks and enrollment stations are available at the north and south checkpoints at the main terminal.

A CLEAR membership costs $179 per year, and up to three adult family members may be added to an account for $50 per year per person. Children under 18 do not need to enroll in the program when traveling with a CLEAR member.

Hertz Fast Lane Powered By CLEAR

CLEAR recently partnered with Hertz, a AAA partner, on a service called Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR, which uses biometric technology to verify the customer’s identity and rental reservation.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members can sign up for CLEAR and link their accounts to use Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR at no cost. The free CLEAR tier of service does not provide access to airport security, but helps customers get through the Hertz checkout process quickly. And don’t forget that Hertz provides exclusive benefits and savings for AAA members who sign up for Gold Plus Rewards, which is free to join!