Minnesota Winter

Tae Kim

I have been fortunate to live in many great cities in my career, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Buffalo and Toronto. These cities are unique, from their culture, topography and economy to the entertainment scene and the people themselves. The one thing that these places have in common? They are all known for their winter weather.

When I moved back to Minneapolis, I felt prepared to experience Minnesota winter again. I forgot, however, just how cold it can get, especially in January. Lucky for me, my first January back in the Twin Cities was the coldest we’ve had in eight years. So while the snow in Minnesota doesn’t compare to Buffalo, the cold makes the Minnesota winter the winner in my experience.

The frigid winter weather in Minnesota is an excellent reminder of the value of your AAA membership. When the temperatures drop, vehicles are more likely to experience dead batteries and flat tires and be affected by black ice. Even being locked out of your vehicle becomes imminently more dangerous when the temperatures drop below zero. As a result, our call center volume surged in January, and our service reps, dispatchers and drivers worked hard to serve our members. Luckily, our call center in St. Louis Park is staffed 24 hours a day to help you get back on the road as soon as safely possible.

Next time you talk with friends or family members about the weather, make sure you ask them if they are a AAA member. If they ask why they should join, you may want to tell them, “Minnesota winter.”

Stay Safe!

Tae K. Kim
President & CEO, AAA Minneapolis

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