Summer Bucket List

Jesse Simon

Welcome to the summer issue of Live Play AAA! If we’ve timed our production correctly, you’ll receive this issue just as temperatures flirt with 70 degrees, while the warm sun and light breeze allow you to keep your windows open all day long. Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we agree that summer can’t come soon enough. There is so much to look forward to!

If you’re looking for summer inspiration, this issue of Live Play AAA has you covered! A great place to start is our Minnesotan’s Summer Bucket List, which provides fun ideas for celebrating summer this year. I recommend using this information to build your summer bucket list and cross items off as you work through it. You can use sticky notes, a spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets!) or even create a poster with the help of your family or friends to outline everything you plan to do this summer.

One quintessential summer bucket list activity is a road trip, and we highly recommend adding that to your plans. I encourage you to check out Raya Garrison’s article about the Wisconsin Dells. As she points out, the Dells have expanded beyond the“Waterpark Capital of the World” and feature fantastic outdoor adventures, world-class spas, amazing dining, beautiful hotels and so much more. The Dells are only a couple of hours from the Twin Cities and are an excellent destination for families, couples or groups. If you head out on a road trip this summer, be sure to check out our article on fuel-saving tips.

For those looking beyond your summer bucket list, peruse our cover story on Portugal, written by Renata Faeth. This is a dream destination for river cruisers, island hoppers and adventure travelers alike. If you’re looking for a fantastic travel destination that is a bit closer to home, you’ll enjoy our story on Portland and everything it has to offer.

I hope you have a great summer!

Jesse Simon
Director, Marketing, Membership & Communications
Managing Editor, Live Play AAA