Growing our Legacy

Tae Kim

It is my sincere pleasure to join AAA Minneapolis as the new President and CEO, building on the excellent legacy of bringing the highest value and service to our members in the greater Minneapolis area. I take pride in continuing this 115-year history led by excellent leaders like Wendy Weigel who left the organization to her well-deserved retirement. We wish her well.

Although I am new to AAA Minneapolis, I am not new to AAA. For the last nine years, I was the chief operating officer for AAA New York, where we successfully launched innovative member programs like grocery discounts and fuel savings. These programs generated savings that were several multiples the price of AAA membership, which “pays” for the cost of membership without receiving any roadside service! Certainly, all things automotive will continue to be a major part of our identity, but we intend to bring you exciting benefits in areas that you did not expect from AAA.

I am also not new to Minneapolis. Prior to AAA New York, I held senior executive positions for two international organizations in the area and lived in Hennepin County for over 11 years. I am amazed to see how much the city has grown, yet all the great things I remember about the city and the great people are still the same. We are so happy to be back!

It certainly has been a difficult 18 months for everyone thanks to COVID-19. It has been a challenging time for AAA like every other organization. However, we have not been idle during this time. We are preparing for a new AAA that promises to bring new benefits and services while continuing our automotive legacy.

We are also committed to investing in new technology and new ways of doing business to make our members’ experiences more convenient, efficient and fun. We are an established, trusted organization but that will not hold us back from being innovative and technology savvy.

I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

Tae K. Kim
President & CEO, AAA Minneapolis