Happy Holidays!

Raya Garrison

Welcome to the holiday season! This time of year is usually a flurry of activity building up to the holidays—and maybe some actual flurries. Things have been slightly on hold or modified the last few holiday seasons, so people are more ready than ever to celebrate BIG. Whether you’re running around buying gifts for your extended relatives, prepping a large meal or planning the next big get-together, there is likely more than enough on your list to keep your head spinning.

In this issue, we hope to help you briefly escape the madness and take you on some travel getaways, along with some thoughtful gift ideas to help you cross some of the names off the gift list. Renata Faeth takes us on another global adventure and dives into the exotic world of South Africa with a special guest visitor—her sister, Kelley! A two-year delayed trip due to COVID-19 is nothing short of magical, as she takes us from the Robben Island prison of Nelson Mandela to witness-ing five elephants swimming at Chobe National Park. Back stateside, Alesha Taylor showcases New Orleans and proves there's much more to do and see beyond Mardi Gras with the wide range of unique neighborhoods and performing arts. Our annual gift guide is back and filled to the brim with amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list, whether they are big travelers or local adventurers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our stores, we also have the 12 days of giving with ideas from our Discounts and Rewards partners to help you save on gifts that are both thoughtful and memorable.

Whatever, whenever and however you like to celebrate this holiday season, we hope your time is filled with food, relaxation and the ones you love most. I hope you enjoy this issue of Live Play AAA and that it provides you with some help, or at least a mental escape.

Cheers from AAA Minneapolis!

Raya Garrison

Communications Specialist

Managing Editor, Live Play AAA