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Viking Luxury Ocean Cruises in Europe

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Europe, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Viking Ocean Cruises

Uncover the timeless treasures of Old World empires, discovering a new port each day. Visit Italy, Monaco, France, Spain and Portugal, with overnights in Barcelona and Lisbon.

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Day 1 - Rome
From the Colosseum to the Forum, Rome is a rich repository of the ruins of empire.
Day 2 - Florence - Pisa, Italy
Florence brims with architectural brilliance and fine art such as Michelangelo’s David.
Day 3 - Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monte Carlo exudes chic, from the Prince’s Palace to the renowned Casino.
Day 4 - Toulon, France
Toulon’s colorful Provençal markets and fountain-graced squares are a feast for the senses.
Day 5 - Marseille, France
France’s oldest city, Marseille’s rich historic treasures include its scenic Old Port.
Day 6 - Barcelona, Spain
Adorned with Gaudí’s surreal architecture, Barcelona is alive with color and whimsy.
Day 7 - Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona brims with history, stunning architecture and vibrant Catalonian culture.
Day 8 - Valencia, Spain
Steeped in 2,000 years of history and culture, Valencia preserves a rich past.
Day 9 - Murcia, Spain
Murcia is celebrated for its farmland and its huertas, fertile market gardens.
Day 10 - Granada, Spain
Granada is a splendid canvas of Moorish architecture and Andalusian tradition.
Day 11 - Seville (Cádiz), Spain
The port city of Cádiz gained incredible wealth during the 18th century as riches from the Americas were unloaded here.
Day 12 - Lisbon, Portugal
With its stunning setting on the Atlantic, Lisbon has inspired explorers for centuries.
Day 13 - Lisbon, Portugal
Dating to the Moorish occupation, Lisbon’s Alfama District survived a 1755 earthquake.

Western Mediterranean Explorer, by Viking Ocean Cruises

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