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Classes and Rates

Classroom Courses

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8-Hour RoadWise Class

Introductory course
Completed in two 4-hour sessions

$25.00 $30.00 8-Hour Classes

4-Hour RoadWise Refresher

For those who have completed the 8-hour class
Refresher required every 3 years

$21.00 $26.00 4-Hour Classes

*Contact your insurance provider for discount details


Take Your Driving Refresher Class Online

Class AAA Member Rate Non-Member Rate Enroll Online Returning Students
Pick up Where You Left Off

8-Hour RoadWise Class

Introductory class for those who have not taken a refresher course before

$25.00 $30.00 Start Online Class Continue Online

4-Hour RoadWise Refresher

For those who have completed the 8-hour class; refresher required every 3 years

$21.00 $26.00 Start Online Class Continue Online

Classroom Courses

Our classes will help you maintain your mobility independence and keep you driving in a safe manner for a longer period of time.

Classroom Course Schedule

Online Courses

Our RoadWise Driver online driver’s course is packed with the most up-to-date driving techniques and information on the latest vehicle technologies. 

New Students: Enroll Online Returning Students: Continue Online


Seniors are among the safest of drivers, but are also more likely to be killed in a car crash due to age-related fragility and health issues. 

Senior Driving Resources

"We found the class very informative - much better than the other senior classes we've attended." 

-Sandy and Ray

"Both the class and instructor were outstanding.  I really learned a lot."


"Loved the mix of videos, course materials, and the instructor." 


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