Compare AAA Membership Plans

  Basic® Plus® or Plus RV Premier® or
Premier RV
New Primary $77

Plus: $116
Plus RV: $156

Premier: $156
Premier RV: $196


Eligible associate members are spouse, dependent children up to age 25 who reside in the same household or who are away at school.

$15 $27 $27
Number of Service Calls (per member) 4 4 5

There is a one-time, $10 enrollment fee included in first year membership rates.

AAA Plus RV and Premier RV

RV coverage expands AAA Plus and AAA Premier benefits to include the member’s motor home, pickup with camper, travel trailer, camping trailer and motorcycle. RV coverage also includes the member's motorcycle, snowmobile and boat trailer.

Members not currently carrying AAA Plus or AAA Premier must pay dues for Plus or Premier in order to upgrade to Plus RV or Premier RV, respectively.

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For a complete list and detail of benefits, refer to the AAA Member Handbook

Automotive Benefits

AAA Member Benefits Basic Plus or Plus RV Premier or
Premier RV
Towing Benefit

AAA will tow you to responding ERS facility or destination of choice up to the limit of benefit.

Up to 5 miles Up to 100 miles Up to 200 miles (1 tow)
up to 100 miles (4 tows)
Auto Lock & Key Service

If key is locked inside vehicle, lost or broken; locksmith service is covered up to the limit of benefit.

Up to $75 Up to $125 Up to $200
Emergency fuel & delivery

Out of fuel? AAA will deliver enough fuel to reach the nearest service station.

Free Delivery: members pay cost of fuel at current prices Free Delivery: and enough fuel to reach the nearest station Free Delivery: and enough fuel to reach the nearest station

Emergency Extraction Winching (stuck in a ditch, etc.)

One truck and one service person One additional truck and service person, for up to one hour at scene One additional truck and service person, for up to one hour at scene
Service Reimbursement AAA Contract Rates Prevailing retail rates Prevailing retail rates
Legal Fee Reimbursement

If you need legal help to defend yourself against an eligible motor vehicle related charge to which you plead Not Guilty, AAA may reimburse your attorney fees up to a certain amount. See AAA Member Handbook for details and exclusions.

Up to $700 Up to $1,600 Up to $3,200
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Membership FREE
675 Rewards Points
675 Rewards Points
1100 Rewards Points
Complimentary Transportation with Tow

AAA Minneapolis will arrange for complimentary transportation with tow within 25 mile radius from the point of breakdown to a local place of residence, employment or repair facility. If the breakdown is outside of AAA Minneapolis territory you may request reimbursement, up to the coverage limits.

One-Day Complimentary Rental Car With Tow

The rental car must be provided by the AAA preferred rental car provider and arranged through AAA Minneapolis. See AAA Member Handbook for more information.

Vehicle Return***     Included

Travel Benefits

AAA Member Benefits Basic Plus or Plus RV Premier or
Premier RV
Trip Interruption Protection***

Provides financial help to any member whose vehicle is stolen, not drivable due to damage caused by an accident, 100 miles or more away from home. Members may apply for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred (exceptions apply) for a combination of meals and lodging or transportation.***

$100 each; up to $500/family $250 each; up to $1000/family includes mechanical breakdown up to $1500; includes mechanical breakdown
Travel Accident Insurance

When you purchase your transportation on a common carrier through AAA Travel you automatically receive $100,000 of Travel Accident Insurance at no extra cost. Call your AAA Travel agent 952-927-2525 for more information.

$100,000* $200,000* $200,000*
Travel Store Discount 10%** 15%** 20%**
Free AAA Maps, TripTiks & Tourbooks Included Included Plus AAA Europe Travelbook®
One Free Set of Passport Photos or IDP Photos   Included Included
24-Hour Concierge Service***     Included
24-Hour Travel Assistance***     Included

Home and Bicycle Benefits

AAA Member Benefits Basic Plus or Plus RV Premier or
Premier RV
Bicycle Service up to 5 miles up to 100 miles up to 200 (1 transport)
up to 100 miles (4 transports)
ProtectMyID Essential

ProtectMyID® is our Identity Theft Monitoring service. Enrolling in Theft Monitoring is a critical step to help protect your identity. A $79 value.

    $10,000 Identity Theft Insurance
Home Lockout Service     Up to $200

Visit for complete benefit details & exclusions. *Transportation must be purchased at a AAA Minneapolis Travel Agency. **Discount excludes Briggs & Riley merchandise. †Financial limits and coverages are for service within AAA Minneapolis service territory and will be handled by reimbursement up to the stated limits if service is required outside of club territory.

***Insurance coverage for Premier Members is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company under a Form No. Policy 53.203 (0115). Allianz Global Assistance is the licensed producer and administrator for this plan. View a full description of Insurance coverage terms, conditions, and exclusions.

For complete Roadside Assistance benefits, view the Roadside Assistance Benefits Guide.