DMV (motor vehicle and driver’s license) services at the St. Louis Park AAA office are now operated by SLP DMV. Appointments are not available, please walk in for same-day service.

Required Documents for Minnesota Driver's Licenses & IDs

Important Note: required documents must be printed out. Electronic documents are not accepted.

Standard License/ID Card

Valid for federal identification, including boarding domestic flights, only until May 7, 2025.

Standard License/ID Cards Required Documents for Standard Card


Can be used for domestic air travel and access to federal facilities. Issued to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens. Cannot be used as border crossing documents.

REAL ID Information Required Documents for REAL ID

Enhanced License/ID Card

Valid for federal identification, including boarding domestic fights and access to federal facilities even after May 7, 2025. Can be used as U.S. border crossing documents by land and sea when returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. Only issued to U.S. citizens.

Enhanced Cards Required Documents for Enhanced Card

Do I Need a REAL ID? What is an Enhanced Card?

The card type you should apply for will depend on your needs

REAL ID and Enhanced cards offer federal identification when boarding domestic flights. Enhanced cards provide the added convenience of border crossing by land and sea from Mexico and Canada. Standard Minnesota ID/Licence cards will be valid for state identification and driving even after 5/7/25, but will not be valid for federal identification or domestic flights.

Card Use Standard REAL ID Enhanced Card
Domestic Air Travel Only until 5/7/25 Yes Yes
International Air Travel No No No
Land & Sea US Border Crossing No No Yes
Contains RFID No No Yes
Access Federal Facilities, Military Bases, Nuclear Power Plants Only until 5/7/25 Yes Yes
US Citizenship Required No No Ye