Discover Your Adventure: For the Foodies

Renata Faeth

Travel Advisor: Sherri Schreckenghaust
Personal Interest: Discovering local flavors, at home and - everywhere else
Destination: All over the world

“I don’t have to travel far for a best kept culinary secret,” says AAA Minneapolis Branch Manager Sherri Schreckenghaust.  Her local bakery in Elk River, Minnesota -Diamond City Bread, offers patrons racks of authentic sourdough bread loaves each morning, rotating day-of-the-week features, like Tuesday’s Apricot Almond and Thursday’s Spinach Parmesan, to build loyalty. “Unless you live nearby, you probably haven’t heard of it,” she says. 

It’s discoveries like this, she says, that enhance her travel experiences, too. To Sherri, it’s the thrill of the hunt- discovering little eateries that only the locals know about- that makes travel so alluring. The Midwest, she says, offers as many unique dining spots as anywhere else. “For example, until I stumbled upon it in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I had never heard of the Czech-influenced dish, Chisli, which is simply a plate of cubed, deep-fried beef or lamb, served with saltines and a beer.  In Chicago, I know I can find fantastic deep-dish pizza restaurants on every corner, but with a little effort, I can also track down ethnic restaurants for a more authentic experience.”  And it’s true. Chicago visitors can easily hop on the ‘L’ trail to Greek Town for Flaming Saganaki (fried, breaded cheese), to the Smak-Tak restaurant in Jefferson Park for traditional Polish potato pancakes and pierogis, and to Argyle Street (also known as Little Saigon) for the intense flavors and aromas served up in tiny Vietnamese noodle shops.

 “One of the best ways to explore the cultural roots of a destination is to sample the regional cuisine. Locals take pride in preparing their specialty dishes - and they love to share their cooking tips too.” says Sherri.  Her dream culinary experience?  “A cooking class in Spain, where I can learn how to make Paella, the famous Valencian rice and seafood dish.” No souvenir to pack, just the local flavor she can share when she gets home.

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