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The Perfect Seasons to Make Europe Yours

This is when savvy travelers go

The crowds have gone. In the north, Christmas Markets begin to pop up, and mulled wines warm cold hands. In the south, no one bothers to change out of their summer wear, and the sun shines down on golden beaches. Somewhere in between, flowers bloom in a riot of colors across wide fields.

This is Europe, between late fall and early spring. These are the seasons for experienced travelers like you.

What draws savvy travelers to Europe during these times of year?

Incredible Value

These are the same beautiful destinations that you want to see, except you’re traveling at non-peak seasons.

Local Living

The touristy crowds thin out, and there’s more time to soak in the local culture alongside the people that call that destination home.

Must-Sees with Smaller Crowds

Museum lines shrink. The crowds of photo-takers taper off at the iconic sites. Take advantage of smaller crowds.

Pleasant Weather Everywhere

Snowy Christmas markets in northern Europe. Short sleeves in southern Europe. No matter where you’re headed, the weather will be part of the experience.

Affordable Airfare

Airlines trim their prices during this season, adding even more value to your tour. Book your air travel with Collette, and get airport sedan service.

Featured Tours

Sunny Portugal

Explore sunny Portugal, with its miles of dramatic shoreline and legacy of global discovery. Along the way, discover the charms of Lisbon with your choice of included sightseeing. Meander its narrow cobblestone streets, oceanfront promenade and quaint bay area.

In Evora, step inside a medieval walled city with Roman ruins. Travel to Portugal's scenic “Silver Coast,” dotted with charming villages and castles. Revel in country life with an overnight stay in the heart of Alentejo’s farms and vineyards. Unearth a wealth of Portuguese hand-made crafts like the famed azulejo hand painted tiles and unique items made of cork.

Indulge in Portugal’s regional wines during two winery tours. Be swept away by melancholy Fado tunes. Explore the Algarve’s soft sandy beaches and classic fishing villages.

10 Days, 14 Meals
From $1,699
Save up to 32%

Rome & The Amalfi Coast

Embrace the rich scenery, art, culture, food and wine of Southern Italy. Uncover Classic Rome’s myriad treasures and embark on an in-depth guided visit of the spectacular Colosseum. Explore the breathtaking scenery of Italy’s coastline, from the dramatic beauty of the Amalfi Coast to the charms of seaside Sorrento.

Board a ferry to the Isle of Capri and bear witness to vistas that capture the shimmering allure of this beautiful island. Visit the renowned National Archaeological Museum and the monastery of Montecassino. See the ancient Greek temples of Paestum and discover Pompeii’s ruins.

Stop at a local winery at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, learn how mozzarella cheese is made, and sip on some real-deal limoncello. Every day brings another incredible experience on your tour of Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

10 Days, 13 Meals
From $2,499
Save up to 37%

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