Maximizing AAA Membership Value

Tae Kim

AAA is well known for its 115-year history of roadside assistance and auto-related services, but at the core, we are a membership organization. We are a “not-for-profit” organization dedicated to maximizing the value and service for our members.

Over the years, we have added products and services including domestic and international travel, a full range of insurance and financial products, driver training, licensing services and many additional discounts partners. Although these products and services may be available from other organizations, what differentiates us is that we center our offerings around our members.

We are pleased to announce that this fall, we will be launching a new member-focused AAA Visa card. You might be thinking, “I already have a lot of credit cards—do I really need another one?” We designed the features of this particular card to offer the best benefits in the industry to our members. Below are some of my favorite key benefits:

1. No annual fee and industry-leading cash rebates that include up to (depending on the product) 5 percent rebate on grocery, gas and EV-related purchases;
3 percent on travel, streaming, drug, dining and AAA purchases; and 1 percent rebate on everything else.

2. “Card-Linked” offers will be released in 2023, which will allow the cardholder to link the credit card to our Discounts and Rewards platform. If you use the card to pay, you will automatically receive additional cash rebates for each eligible purchase in addition to the base rebate program.

3. The credit card will be integrated with your AAA account so that your AAA purchases will be automatically recognized and rewarded with cash rebates.

More details will continue to be released as we approach our planned launch in October. Our goal is to continue to be innovative and maximize the value of your AAA membership, and we hope that you take advantage of all the benefits available to you.

Thank you for your membership!

Tae K. Kim

President & CEO, AAA Minneapolis

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